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Barco Clickshare CSE-200
  • Barco Clickshare CSE-200
  • Barco
  • Code: R9861520NA
  • Creativity is one of the core assets of your organization. With ClickShare, you can make sure ideas receive the attention they deserve. This wireless presentation …
Barco Clickshare Tray
  • Barco Clickshare Tray
  • Barco
  • Code: R9861500T01
  • Collaborating is something you can’t do by yourself. You need at least two people, so it’s always a good idea to have multiple ClickShare …
Cable - Console Cable connects SoundStation VTX 1000
Cable - Console Interconnect Cable for SoundStation IP 7000, 25ft / 7.6m CLink 2 cable
Cable - Ext. Microphone Cables, 15ft, (2) - SSVTX1000,SoundStation2
Cable - Ext. Microphone Cables, 7ft, (2) - SSVTX1000, SoundStation2
Cable - Power Supply to Console Cable, 21ft - SSVTX Note: For Use with VTX 1000 Systems ONLY.