Plantronics WS-2620-24 Push-To-Talk Handset


The Plantronics Clarity Walker WS-2620 Push-to-Talk (PTT) handset addresses the need for security in environments where background conversations must not be over heard on the telephone. Using Cisco IP Network and this PTT handset any conversation can be conducted without the worries of eavesdropping. PTT solutions are also recommended for environments with loud intermittent background noise.

The WS-2620-24 handset is equipped with a single pole, single throw switch, and completes the total package for secure conversations.

Compatible with Cisco IP phone models: 7931G, 7940, 7940G, 7941, 7941G, 7942G, 7945, 7945G, 7960, 7960G, 7961, 7961G, 7965G, 7970, 7970G, 7971G, 7975G, 7985G phones.

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