Logitech Speaker System Z320
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Logitech Speaker System Z320

Produit #: 980-000329

Innovative Design Fills the Room With Sound
Most speakers only direct sound toward the user, but the Logitech z320 Speaker System is designed to direct sound out, filling the room with your favorite jams. The backward and forward-firing drivers disperse sound more evenly, offering an immersive sound experience for your favorite video games or movies. 

Plug In and Start Listening
The Logitech z320 speaker system is easy to set up. Just plug the speakers into your computer's 3.5mm jack and plug in the power supply. The speakers produce rich, vibrant sound from your laptop or desktop. 

Stylish Design and Portable Size for Versatile Use
The sleek black case and simplified controls make these speakers a nice addition to any office, dorm room, or living space. The lightweight design and small footprint mean that when you move, the sound goes with you. Just unplug the speakers and take them where you need to go. 
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